About Me

About me

I am a Chargé de Recherche (CNRS researcher) at the University of Montpellier (IMAG), moving to the University of Toulouse (IMT) in September. I'm mostly interested in operads, graph complexes, homotopical algebra and the way they interact with physics and algebraic topology.

I completed my PhD under the supervision of Thomas Willwacher and was an SNF Postdoc at the University Paris 13 hosted by Bruno Vallette.

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Where can you find me?

If you're in Montpellier you can usually find me in my office at the Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck (219, Batiment 9), but feel free to write me an e-mail. How to get to get here?

Outside of Montpellier

Here is where I was recently/will be. If you're in one of these places at the same time as me and want to talk, let me know.

June - Barcelona Higher homotopical structures. I will be giving a mini-course in June.

July - Lille Midterm workshop of the FNS-ANR OCHoTop Project - Slides .

January 2022 - Paris Opening workshop of the ANR HighAGT, Institut Henry Poincaré (IHP, Paris).


I'm generally interested in algebraic approaches to geometrical and algebraic topology problems, particularly in homotopy theory using tools such as operads and graph complexes.
A random sample of keywords related to my research are homotopical algebra, moduli spaces, deformation theory, Koszul duality, deformation quantization...

Check my papers on the publications tab! An action of the framed little discs operad


  1. PD Operads and Explicit Partition Lie Algebras with Lukas Brantner and Joost Nuiten (2021)
    arXiv:2103.03870 [91 pages] ArXiv link.
  2. Lie algebroids are curved Lie algebras with Damien Calaque and Joost Nuiten (2021)
    arXiv:2103.10728 [62 pages] ArXiv link.
  3. Differential forms on smooth operadic algebras with Pedro Tamaroff (2020)
    arXiv:2010.08815 [36 pages] ArXiv link.
  4. Configuration Spaces of Surfaces with Najib Idrissi and Thomas Willwacher (2019)
    arXiv:1911.12281 [50 pages] ArXiv link.
  5. Lie, associative and commutative quasi-isomorphism with Dan Petersen, Daniel Robert-Nicoud and Felix Wierstra (2019)
    arXiv:1904.03585 [36 pages] ArXiv link.
  6. A model for framed configuration spaces of points with Julien Ducoulombier, Najib Idrissi and Thomas Willwacher (2018)
    arXiv:1807.08319 [27 pages] ArXiv link.
  7. Configuration Spaces of Manifolds with Boundary with Najib Idrissi, Pascal Lambrechts and Thomas Willwacher (2018)
    arXiv:1802.00716v1 [107 pages] ArXiv link.

  8. A model for configuration spaces of points with Thomas Willwacher (2022)
    To appear in Algebraic and Geometric Topology [77 pages]. ArXiv link

  9. Moduli problems for operadic algebras with Damien Calaque and Joost Nuiten (2019)
    Journal of the London Mathematical Society [95 pages] ArXiv link.
  10. Boardman-Vogt resolutions and bar/cobar constructions of (co)operadic (co)bimodules with Julien Ducoulombier and Najib Idrissi (2021)
    Structures 5(1): 293-366, 2021. [74 pages] ArXiv link.
  11. Configuration spaces of points - A short survey (2020)
    CIM Bulletin 42: 41–47, 2021. [7 pages].
  12. Homotopy equivalence of shifted cotangent bundles (2018)
    Journal of Lie Theory 29 (2019), No. 3, 629–646. [18 pages] ArXiv link
  13. Gravity Formality with Benjamin C. Ward (2017)
    Advances in Mathematics 331 (2018), 439–483. [33 pages]. ArXiv link

  14. BV Formality (2015)
    Advances in Mathematics 306 (2017), 807–851. [45 pages]. ArXiv link

  15. Operadic Torsors with Thomas Willwacher (2014)
    Journal of Algebra 458 (2016), 71–86 [16 pages]. ArXiv link

  16. The Frobenius properad is Koszul with Sergei Merkulov and Thomas Willwacher (2014)
    Duke Math. J. 165, (2016) no. 15, 2921–2989. [69 pages].ArXiv link

My papers can be found on the arXiv, even though the published versions might be a bit improved.

Feedback is always extremely welcome!


Université de Montpellier
Place Eugène Bataillon
Case courrier 051
34090 Montpellier, France
Bureau 219
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