Marc Herzlich

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Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Montpellier

My research lab is the Alexander Grothendieck Institute of Montpellier (IMAG)


My office (♯410) is located at the 4th floor of building ♯9 of the Science (Triolet) Campus of the University of Montpellier

E-mail: marc.herzlich(*) (replace (*) by @ to obtain a valid e-mail address)

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I am interested in Riemannian geometry, especially on complete (non-compact) manifolds. I have focused part of my work on manifolds with special structure at infinity, such as, for instance, asymptotically flat or asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds. Asymptotic invariants, such as the mass, play a large part in my research. This also leads me to keep an eye on geometric aspects of the physical theory of General Relativity, as well as on asymptotically symmetric geometries and the structures of their boundaries at infinity, i.e. parabolic geometries. Conformal and CR geometries, being the most prominent examples of parabolic geometries, naturally stand among my main subjects of interest.

Publications and preprints

Ph. D students supervised
Hélène Davaux (1999-2002), co-supervised with Jacques Lafontaine
Daniel Maerten (2002-2006)
Benoit Michel (2006-2010) : thesis (available online; for those interested, chapter 1, on the mass of GJMS operators, and chapter 2, on the mass in CR geometry, have never been published, despite their interest)
Julien Cortier (2008-2011) : thesis, co-supervised with Piotr Chrusciel
Jérémie Fougeirol (2013-2017) : thesis, co-supervised with Erwann Delay
Gautier Dietrich (2014-2018) : thesis
Alan Pinoy (2018-2022) : thesis, co-supervised with Philippe Castillon
Grégoire Cha : co-supervised with Philippe Castillon

Edward Hopper, Summertime, 1943, Delaware Art Museum.