Claude Cibils
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Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck

Université de Montpellier
CC 51
F-34095 Montpellier cedex 5

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Former director of CIMPA




Messages directeur I3M 2004-08

Géométrie, Topologie et Algèbre.

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Strongly stratifying ideals, Morita contexts and Hochschild homology
 J. of Algebra
We consider stratifying ideals of finite dimensional algebras in relation with Morita contexts. A Morita context is an algebra built on a data consisting of two algebras, two bimodules and two morphisms. For a strongly stratifying Morita context - or equivalently for a strongly stratifying ideal - we show that Han's conjecture holds if and only if it holds for the diagonal subalgebra. The main tool is the Jacobi-Zariski long exact sequence. One of the main consequences is that Han's conjecture holds for an algebra admitting a strongly (co-)stratifying chain whose steps verify Han's conjecture.
If Han's conjecture is true for local algebras and an algebra admits a primitive strongly (co-)stratifying chain, then Han's conjecture holds for it.

Ediiteur de Homology, Homotopy and Applications.

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