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Short biography

I graduated in 1990 at the National School of Engineering for Hydraulics, Electronics, Electrotechnics and Informatics in Toulouse (ENSEEIHT). I then received a Fellowship from the French Spatial Agency (CNES) to perform a PhD thesis at the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA) under the guidance of Prof. Ha Minh. After I defended my experimental/numerical work about the prediction of heat transfers within solid rocket motors in 1993, I have been hired at the European Center for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing (CERFACS) as a post-doctoral researcher. I became a senior scientist at CERFACS in 1995 and participated to the development of Large Eddy Simulation tools for reacting compressible flows in complex geometries. I then accepted a research fellowship at the Center for Turbulence Research (CTR) of Stanford University and NASA/Ames in 1998 and was appointed Professor at University Montpellier in 2001. While my research activity at Montpellier is now mainly focused on computational cardiovascular biomechanics and the development of the YALES2BIO solver, I am still working in close connection with CERFACS, addressing issues related to combustion noise, thermo-acoustic instabilities and wall modeling.