Michele Bolognesi

Professor of Algebra and Geometry at the:
Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck 
Universite' de Montpellier

Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendieck
Universite' de Montpellier
Case Courrier 051
Place Eugene Bataillon
34095 Montpellier cedex 5



Email:  michele.bolognesi(at)umontpellier(dot)fr

Personal: here.

Michele Bolognesi    


Domains of interest:
Algebraic geometry, moduli theory, derived categories, birational geometry, homological algebra, projective geometry.

A short CV : Vita.

Recent activities (future or past) :
An introductory workshop on algebraic statistics. Feel free to register and come!
Our favourite semestral seminar of algebraic geometry: the SMGA . Last edition was in Montpellier .
The 60th birthday conference of Angelo Vistoli.
Groupe de travail NAGANA , numerical algebraic geometry and algebraic numerical analysis.
Here's a complete list of my organizaational work.

Talks(future and - mostly - past) :
I have been talking around .
Transparents pour l'expose' du 23 mars ici

Master 2 - Mathematiques Fondamentales:

Plaquette 2020/2021 : Plaquette.


K3 surfaces and cubic fourfolds with a motive of Abelian type. (with C.Pedrini), p.1-10   arXiv

Universal families of Gushel-Mukai fourfolds.(with A.Hawada), p.1-14   arXiv

A family of special cubic fourfolds with motive of abelian type.(with A.Hawada and C.¨Pedrini), p.1-15   arXiv

The Hitchin connection in arbitrary characteristic. (with T.Baier, J.Martens and C.Pauly), p.1-48   arXiv

Unirationality of certain universal families of cubic fourfolds. (with H. Awada), p.1-10   : here , and slides for a talk about this: there . To appear in the proceedings of "Rationality of algebraic varieties" (Schiermonnikoog, April 15-19, 2019)

The hyperelliptic theta map and osculating projections. (with N. Fernandez-Vargas), p.1-22   : here , to appear on Nagoya Math. Journal

The transcendental motive of a cubic fourfold (with C. Pedrini), p.1-20   arXiv to appear on Journ. of Pure and App. Alg.

Moduli spaces of (1,7)-polarized abelian surfaces and varieties of sums of powers (with A. Massarenti), p.1-14   arXiv Journal of Geometry and Physics, 2018, Vol. 125, 23-32.

Birational geometry of moduli spaces of configurations of points on the line (with A. Massarenti), p. 1-34   arXiv to appear on Algebra & Number Theory

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Forgetful linear systems on the projective space and rational normal curves over M_{0,2n}^{GIT} arXiv
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A structure theorem for SU_C(2) and the moduli of pointed rational curves. (with A.Alzati) arXiv
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Stacks of trigonal curves (with A.Vistoli) arXiv
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A Conic Bundle Degenerating on the Kummer Surface arXiv
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On Weddle Surfaces and Their Moduli arXiv
Adv. in Geom. 7 (2007), no. 1, 113-144.


Surfaces de Weddle et Leurs Espaces de Modules, 99 pages. PDF.  (Phd Thesis, Universite' de Montpellier II, November 2006.)

- Fibres vectoriels, espaces de modules et categories derivees, 68 pages. PDF.  (Habilitation Thesis, Universite' de Rennes I, November 2013.)

My Phd students and their work under my guidance here

CV (in French)

Pour les etudiants: Enseignement et Encadrement.

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