Séance Séminaire

Colloquium de Mathématiques

jeudi 29 mars 2012 à 15:00 - Salle TD 30 - RdC Bâtiment 9

Alfred K. LOUIS (Saarland University)

Inverse Problems and Applications to Medical Imaging

Inverse Problems appear when one wants to determine a cause from observations of effects. A typical example is X-ray tomography where from the attenuation of the X rays the density inside the body of the patient has to be determined. Formally these problems often can be written as equations of the first kind, Af=g, where the data g is given and f denotes the searched-for solution. Typical difficulties are presented for simple matrix equations to motivate the research. These problems have a strong relation to Montpellier, as Pr. Pierre Sabatier from the university of Montpellier was the founding editor of the journal ‘Inverse Problems’ and still is an active and successful researcher in the field.