Séance Séminaire

Séminaire de Probabilités et Statistique

lundi 16 mai 2022 à 13:45 - SupAgro - Bât 11 (le château) - Salle 104

Marie-Pierre Etienne (Agrocampus Ouest)

Statistical methods for understanding animal movement [SupAgro]

Movement of organisms is one of the main mechanisms who govern relations between species. Advances in biologging open promising perspectives in the study of animal movements at numerous scales. It is now possible to record time series of animal locations over extended areas and long durations with a high spatial and temporal resolution. One question addressed with this sort of data is the habitat preference selection, which can be defined as the relationship between the environmental covariates and the stationnary distribution, known in ecology as resource selection function. Using some ergodicity assumptions, it is possible to estimate this relationship by long-term monitoring of an individual movement. We explore the use of Langevin model for modelling animal movement in order to estimate the resource selection function.

Séminaire à SupAgro, bâtiment 11 (le château), salle 104.