Séance Séminaire

Séminaire Gaston Darboux

vendredi 03 février 2023 à 10:45 - salle 430

Stefano Borghini (University of Trento)

Comparison geometry fo substatic manifolds

!!!Attention horaire inhabituel!!! Substatic manifolds arise naturally in General Relativity as spatial slices of static spacetimes satisfying the Null Energy Condition. We will show that the substatic condition captures a large class of interesting model solutions. We will then discuss the strong connection between the substatic condition and the Bakry- ́Emery Ricci tensor. This will allow us to perform some known and new comparison arguments, leading to a Bishop–Gromov monotonicity, a splitting theorem and an isoperimetric inequality for this class of manifolds. This is a work in progress with Mattia Fogagnolo (Universit`a di Padova).