Séance Séminaire

Séminaire de Probabilités et Statistique

lundi 04 décembre 2023 à 13:45 - Zoom

Anne-Cécile Orgerie (CNRS, IRISA, Rennes)

[Visio] Energy consumption and environmental impacts of distributed systems

Distributed systems, such as Clouds or data centers, are increasingly spanning worldwide, with digital services hosted all around the globe and often belonging to complex systems, utilizing many other services and hardware resources themselves. Along with this increase comes an alarming growth of Cloud devices and their related energy consumption. Despite the distributed systems’ complexity, understanding how they consume energy is important in order to hunt wasted Joules and reduce their environmental impact. This talk will deal with measuring the energy consumption of distributed systems and deriving models from these measurements to evaluate their energy consumption and their environmental impact.

Séminaire sur zoom uniquement : https://umontpellier-fr.zoom.us/j/94087408185