IHP quarter on Numerical Methods for PDEs (Sept. 5-Dec. 16 2016)


Numerical Analysis applied to the approximate solution of PDEs is a key discipline in Applied Mathematics. Over the last few years, several new paradigms have appeared, leading to entire new families of discretization methods and solution algorithms. Simultaneously, the increased complexity of the underlying physical problems and the need to use simulators in many-query scenarios has prompted the study of model reduction techniques. Finally, a whole new approach to resolution algorithms and adaptivity has been made possible by the recent advances in the context of a posteriori error analysis. The goal of this thematic quarter is to provide an opportunity to bring together leading scientists in the field of Numerical Analysis to discuss and disseminate the latest results and envisage new challenges in traditional and new application fields. The project is structured around three main topics:


Steering committee D. A. Di Pietro (coordinator), A. Ern, L. Formaggia
Scientific committee R. Herbin, Y. Maday, D. Marini, R. Verfürth
Organizing committee P. F. Antonietti, S. Cordier, J. Droniou, R. Eymard, R. Fontanges, T. Lelièvre, B. Mohammadi, S. Perotto, G. Rozza


Long-term invitations

Main events

(ME1) Introductory school

Dates: September 5-9, 2016, Institut d'Études Scientifiques de Cargese (Corse)
Chair: D. Marini
Organizers: D. A. Di Pietro, L. Formaggia, A. Ern
Programme here

(ME2) Conference: Advanced numerical methods: recent developments, analysis, and applications

Dates: 3-7 October 2016, IHP (Paris)
Organizers: P. F. Antonietti, J. Droniou, R. Eymard
Programme here
Invited speakers:
Slides from contributed talks: G. Barrenechea, V. A. Bokil, J. Cervi, C. Chainais-Hillairet, F. Chave, D. A. Di Pietro, M. Giacomini, S. Gomes, J. Hennicker, P. Lin, B. Jin, C. Marcati, I. Mazzieri, B. She, M. Verani, P. Zunino

(ME3) Conference: Recent developments in numerical methods for model reduction

Dates: 7-10 November 2016, IHP (Paris)
Organizers: T. Lelièvre, S. Perotto, G. Rozza
Programme here
Book of abstracts here
Group picture here
Invited speakers:

(ME4) Workshop: Industry and mathematics

In collaboration with AMIES, SIMAI, SMAI
Dates: 21-23 November 2016, IHP (Paris)
Programme here
Invited speakers:
Wednesday 23 : Rencontres Math-Industrie day

Funded by ANR